The Premiere Experience in HOKKAIDO !

Sorry, this program does not arrange in 2017-2018 season.

Experiences of Dogsleddings & Snowshoeing
Let's go to a snowfield!

Start from hotels in Asahikawa city, Asahikawa Station, Asahikawa Airport. (We will pick you up wherever you wish)

Experience of snowshoeing

take a walk in the suburbs with snowshoeing. You can enjoy the wonderful winter wonderland, following the track the animals.
Shining snow is so fantastic when it is fine day!

Experience of snowshoeing Experience of snowshoeing

After the snowshoeing, the handmade delicious lunch and drinks are waiting for you.
*We will decide to have a lunch in the snowfield or "Kamakura" snowdome.

Experience of dogsledding

You have the experience of dogsledding in pure white nature. You will never forget the refleshment with a sled pulled by cheerful dogs in the winter wonderland at once.


You receive the lecture carefully before you start. Anyone can get on the dogsreds, like riding bicycle. Here, the only place, you can enjoy the dogsledding with dogs as the masher by only yourself.

You can take a memorial picture with leading snowmobile. You remember for the precious memory of winter Hokkaido. It is also fun to play with many dogs that have different characters.

  • Experience of dogsledding
    Running is fun!
  • Experience of dogsledding
    A curving road is any!
  • Experience of dogsledding
    breaktime :)
  • Experience of dogsledding
    Alright for children!

The voice of customers who are experienced

"I was surprised so fast, unexpectedly! I felt really good!"
"The dogs are pretty to push the body to the snow at each breaktime."
"I felt great in Hokkaido, coverd with pure white snow!"
"The dog which run was very powerful !"
"There are lots of dogs to be fun playing with them!"


After say good-bye to the dogs, you can drop in a famous sightseeing spots in Asahikawa city, before you go back to central city. Snow Crystals Museum where the famous place that look-alike the movie "Frozen". Otokoyama Sake Museum beside of Sake brewery where the most famous place in Asahikawa city in Japan. You can choose one place.
(It is possible to go to the place where you want to get off.)

Come again!

We will take you to either place, hotel in Asahikawa city, Asahikawa station, Asahikawa Airport.
(We will take you wherever you wish.)

It is dissolution on arrival. Thank you very much!

*Please get the reservation from the application form under the page.

implementation period Dec. 20(Sat) - Mar. 15(Sun)
*It fluctuates by the snowfall situation.
(including experience and accommodation fee)
2members(2members 1room):1person \27,000-
3members(3members 1room):1person \23,000-
4members(2members 2room):1person \20,000-
*Staying, HOTEL CRESCENT ASAHIKAWA, hotel of the equal class.
*Choose the day to stay the hotel, spending the night before the experience day or the date of experience day.
*The staying is with breakfast in a night.
*Snow Crystal Museum, entrance fee is each payment.
*Please contact us when you wish to have compination plan of airplane ticket and staying.
*Please contact us when you wish a plan not to stay.(only experience)
About paying Credit card(VISA or MASTER CARD)
About application You can get the reservation to click the button below.
We will send reservation completion documents by e-mail in reply. *Please call us if you are in a hurry
*please have the reservation before 4 days.
others Cancell charge is 30% before 2 days, 50% just before the day, 100% on the date by the customer's personal reason.
(It does not take chancell charge, in the case of the cancellation judgement in us including the case of the bad weather)
number of persons for conduct 2-4 persons